IO VIAGGIO IN CAMPER S.r.l. deals almost exclusively with camper travels and it was born and grown from the efforts of a group of camper travellers that joined forces and pooled their skill and experience in this field.

I TRAVEL IN CAMPER S.r.l. is a Travel Agency and Tour Operator who does more than just sell “travel packages”: we make your biggest dreams come true and your plans for great camper adventures a reality.

IO VIAGGIO IN CAMPER S.r.l. holds exclusive partnership agreements with the best and most experienced travel agencies and service providers in basically any part of the world you can go by camper, to provide our fellow travellers with the best experience ever.

The staff of IO VIAGGIO IN CAMPER S.r.l. periodically travels around the world to update their technical knowledge and search for the best services to offer to its customers that often, after the first journey also become friends.

The itineraries we offer are suitable for every age and are the result of a meticulous search for safe routes embraced by beautiful natural landscapes and further enriched by the right blend of big and small historical, artistic and human/cultural treasures.

The tours we offer range from short (a few days) to huge (60 or more days of journey) and destinations range from the mysterious, harsh North to the warm Mediterranean countries to the heart of Africa, from Eastern Europe to the Great Wall of China including Central Asia countries and, thanks to the “fly and drive” formula, we can also reach the USA, South America, South Africa, Namibia and Australia.

A member of our organisation will assist you in every journey by putting their experience at your disposal. Our goal is to help you go anywhere in the world you want to either by camper or by any other means, in full safety and tranquility while also enjoying any aspect of the life and culture of the lands you visit and of the people that live in them.

IO VIAGGIO IN CAMPER is a professional tour operator that cooperates with the most important Italian and foreign camper travellers’ clubs.

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76 Visited Country

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